Chocolate Day…

as a chocolate lovers, I found that today is my bad day to buy chocolate….. arghhhhh!!!!!

Actually it was a normal thing to me to buy dark chocolate each time I go to supermarket. It is because at my living place right now, dark chocolate that I’m looking for are extremely hard to find at grocery store… maybe dark chocolate aren’t popular and bitter… but I love that taste, just gimme 500gm of them and i can finish it within 10-30 min!

so when i arrive at that chocolate section, one supermarket girl keeper and some others girls over there start to stare at every movement of me!! that moment I feel like I was a foreveralone.jpg guy who try cheering myself by buy myself a chocolate during Valentine day lol, Ironically, since yesterday most of my friend want me to give them a chocolate and my chocolate in my fridge was running out

actually I’m is quite shy person…

just leave that chocolate section, here we go! potato chip!!! T_T


Ok now my Beta is finish… hope this break will mean more free time!

le me feel very happy, relax and.. zzzzzz....

le me feel very happy, relax and.. zzzzzz….

Having a break for a month from Military-Grade programming project which still in Beta stage, and nyaaaa~ it’s feel very relaxing.. and hopefully more time can I spend here for doing some post.

Arghh doki doki… Yuru Yuri 2nd Season! I’ll Waiting For You!!

Dunno I’m feel doki doki doki~.. Owh I’m got minor injured from the vehicle accident, no wonder why…err.. NOOO!

This feeling raised when I realized that in less than 30 hours, Yuru Yuri 2nd Season will be premiere in TV Tokyo. err… Arghhh!!! okay I need to heal my injury first, before losing my blood this Monday… I’ll keep my eyes to this facebook’s fanpage (this fanpage isn’t mine) update for booster.. they awesomely make an update regularly on facebook.

I’ll try my best to sleep properly, and politely tonight… without scratching others house-mate due to moe madness lol

Let’s make cut paste wallpaper by Photoshop!!

when I got bored.. opening the Photoshop and get this blank background I cut somewhere on internet… then, download some anime picture and start the lame editing game works!!

main image in the wallpaper was aligned to right due to not messed up with icon on desktop on the left…

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Malaysia – Hacking Day

after the attack from Anonymous to government due SKMM action blocking 10 file hosting website, some government website is still remain unknown and government announce that they successfully defend their website from the Anonymous hackers… but in the same day, numbers of freelance hackers also take the opportunities to show up their skills and helping to hack some government website.

rumors says that the government just unplug the electricity to their server and… hola! no hacking happens! but if that is true.. well.. Do you know the creatures called Chicken?

Some of ‘After Effect’ art due Hackerzz threat:

16 June 2011 – around 10:30 am

Microsoft Windows [Version *******************]
Copyright (c) **** Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

Continue reading – Anonymous will hack it as respond from SKMM blocking action

Hacker group, ‘Anonymous’ are planned launch attack to website. an attack based on political view are maybe as a respond from SKMM blocking action and claims it was Continue reading

SKMM Will Block File Sharing Website

early of this morning The Star Online was reported about Facebook page named “1M Malaysians Don’t Want SKMM Block File Sharing Website” that protest againse SKMM (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Multimedia Malaysia) action to block some File Hosting Website. I bet most of us are familiar with this website such Megaupload and ThePirateBay. Continue reading

When the exam is end

This is very first time I posting here since last August after KONMAS event. On that time I was busying with all hell assignment, quiz and test by 7 subject that make total of my credit hours going from 15 to 21 hours. That’s not make any different to me actually but some of my friends know it by watching my work was double from my others housemate. The situation resulting me to not have any good time in hanging around and get enjoy just little bit and a lot of my free time ended by sleeping to recover my exhausting body.

Last final examination for last semester was ended, and hopefully I can continue my study to degree level without extends another semester. It will be nightmare if that happen to me. So pray to god for me to getting pass of examination result.

Daily activities after final examination jus as usual, make a marathon of my anime also have a new project. For this time I have convert and make proper Neko Anime Database and get it online. Another one is to make a notes and manual for multimedia subject lecture slide where will be used next year. The dead line is quite far, about June 2011 but need to start moving now to prevent domino effect.

So I will active back in writing here and willing to able to frequently updating things here.

Good Damn

huh *sight*

After checking the result online regarding university final exam result… I can see 2 big ‘hole’ in my result screen. How far it damage? Sorry I can’t tell it. Yeah, I hoping the result will be better than last time but there’s become more worse… it being a warning to me to more concentrates in study next semester as final semester student. I don’t want to miss approach again in next final exam…

I’m very frightened right now and start thinking what my heading next for degree study with my current pointer. Also I’m very afraid of extending my study that take a lot of time. Ganbare for next time