Cruzz Sensei

Okaeri inasai Goshujinsama~!!

Welcome to Otaku no Region…☆⌒(≧▽゜)b

A place where fans & otaku gather to share the love of Japanese Animation & Otaku Culture.

A literature lover & writer at a certain blog & site, that have an incurable fever over moe stuffs & anything related. Having over 101 fetishes over both 2D & 2.5D…

A hardcore meido, tsundere, & mahou shoujo fan otaku that can’t chose a single waifu, so decided to go for harem route even with the risk of bad ending like School Days. Proudly claimed Ikaros & Charlotte as waifus~

Working as a High School sensei as the day job but also an  anime fan otaku at the same time.

In charge of the write up & review of this site. Also volunteered to be the second photographer for the media. Still a noob at photography so don’t expect a pro quality from me. (;´Д`A

That’s all from my part, thanks for hanging around and read our humble blog…(*・∀-)♪

Cruzz Sensei


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