Japan Culture Night 2012

Right after Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 (AFAMY) ended, there was another special event held by Danny Choo; Japan Culture Night (JCN). The event itself  is like the after party for AFAMY where fans & followers of Danny Choo gathered to talk to each other, socialize, and make new connection.

JCN was held on Monday; 11.06.2012 from 5 p.m. till 10.30 p.m. ++ at Pavilion, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The entrance fee for the event was RM 30. As stated by Danny; the fees are for foods, drinks & for him not to get his body cut by the Pavilion’s people.

Taka & Cruzz Sensei were the only two that able to go because Kyou are stuck with his arubaito at home….
*wish you were there also Kyou-chan… met so many people over there ヽ(*´∀`)人(´∀`*)ノ

We both reached Pavilion around 8.00p.m++ yeah, we both planned to be late from the start…

Just as keikaku huh Taka-san?

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Otaku – campus life issue

Not sure what title should be given…lol. Many anime enthusiasm are already know what otaku is, and issue belonging to this. Basically otaku mean an individual that obsessed to anime, manga and video games. But as a normal otaku sometime will be accept by others or person around that community but how about obsessed being an otaku… or just very obsessed to sub category of otaku.

In terms inside my community especially in my campus, otaku that living there are not very obsessed like others place or country but some of them quite make me worry, always thinking how they can bring up negative view to non non otaku. Basically otaku are in language meaning is obsessed to something but if not be controlled well will ruin themselves.

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Awesome vehicles plate alphabet – end 2009

Happy New Year and today will be rest day after driving 2,000km around peninsular that end on 31 December 2009. So as we know, long traveler will see more scenery and various cultures across it. I don’t care those things because… I’m driving, arrive at that place, have some rest, eat or sleep, few hours after that, drive again… so tired until kill my intention to take the picture myself. However I have subbed my camera to my cousin. 2 hours left, she sleeps… uhh.

Along the journey, there is some awesome thing that maybe nobody doesn’t care about it like the driver. For me it quite interesting. So I take those images along driving 2,000 km. it’s not scenery, its vehicles plate number.

The most important things is, those image are original one, I have not edited content except censored some part.

AGM – Annual Greeting Meeting

TAG – tag, tag for post, for luggage, material, etc

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By bus or flight? Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

Most people from Kuala Lumpur go to Johor Bahru by own transport or most popular among student; bus. Some of them using train to there and mostly the transport are used are on the ground, by sea… I not have experience yet. But how about went to Johor Bahru by using flight?

That way I have used twice and quite nice, fast, relax and no traffic jam. For test it, I have started at KL Sentral, like Puduraya, that place are easy to access and most time I go to Kuala Lumpur, I will go there for changing commuter or for lunch.

Others strong reason is, I used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight on 5:20pm for this travel and going to KLIA using KLIA Express. Their station are inside KL Sentral and to get more easier, they also provide MAS check in counter for departure purpose before board the train. This time I started by check in at KL Sentral and go to KLIA using that train. Boarding at KL Sentral should be done by 2 hours before departure time on flight ticket.

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What type of otaku are you?

I was searching about otaku type and find this article… err, type list. I find these are quite interesting, so I like to share here about that. Thanks to http://www.puteranime.com for this interesting list.

So, what type of otaku are you?

Before that, otaku mean people that obsess to something, people mainly outside of Japan addressed otaku as obsessed to anime, manga, and video games. There are 12 category main types of otaku, which are:

Anime otaku.
The largest otaku sub-type. These people like to watch and collect Japanese anime.

Manga otaku.
These are people who read and collect manga (Japanese comic), some of Manga otaku also write/draw their own Manga.
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