iDOLM@STER Miki-chan is Wake Up!

The curly blonde idol, Miki is requesting to participate in Ryuuguu Komachi until thinking somebody was hated her so much till not included her name inside… but this time she became serious to be involved in one and because she has singing and fast-reading dance steps, she was volunteer herself to be send as replacement dancer to one of clash opening event… one step to the improvement of herself.

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Morita-san wa Mukuchi – Episode 4: 100 yen for Cooling ‘Hot’ Underneath of Skirt

Summer season typically is hot and fully with hot behavior, lust and imagination. Summer can turn you into nosebleed due to overheating by something hot. So how about allowing people to cooling down your ‘hot’ stuff for 100 yen? I mean the heat generated underneath your skirt.

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Yuru Yuri episode 4 – If (~answer here~), then (~answer here~)

Yuru Yuri episode 4 give the ultimate scene of summer beach with sparkly fan service and pleasurable yuri imagination powered by 4 eyes species called Ikeda Chitose. Thanks to her the series will become more yuri and hot with visual of yuri’s fantasy couple Kyouko and Ayano.

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Yuru Yuri episode 2 – Good Imagination of Yuri

Yuri Power is raised on Yuru Yuri episode 2 give the impact to yuri lover for nosebleed till the end of episode. Continue reading