Anime Week 2009 Part 1 – Flight simulator game and anime fusion together and crack my time and my energy and bla… bla… until end

97 episode per week look like simple thing to do but it’s big deal for person like me where have average 7 episode per day and balance time is on internet and sleep

When I watching anime, sometime I forgot what anime I watched before it. Last 3 year, to prevent it, I have made some personal timetable beside school and final exam timetable. After established it my member even I laugh every time I saw that timetable… how obsess am I in anime. During that time I never know how important is it and after exam, I throw it back. Entering campus life mean busier than school days where even our food or bed managed our self right? So start from that I have create some note about what anime I watch before and which episode should be continued.
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International Saimoe League – The winner for 2009 is: Katsura Hinagiku

The new bearer of the Heavenly Tiara has been revealed…

Career ISML Performance
2008: 11th Place. Record: (54-0-1-8) / (1-2)

Moe Tournament Résumé
1st Place – Korea Best Moe 2007
5th Place – Korea Super Best Moe 2006-2007
3rd Place – Korea Best Moe 2008
3rd Place – Saimoe Japan 2008 Continue reading

What is Moe?

If you’re anime fan, the word of Moe will be quite familiar with you… that word are one part of otaku term today, it will describe anything about cute or innocent girl, and to address the feeling to that character. But someone who hears the word moe will ask “is it new anime series?” and some says “what the hell is that!”… Some person who already being an otaku also keep asking what is moe. Some believe moe came from word “moeru” mean burning or glow, still didn’t get? Try read some below:

From Wikipedia:
… Strong interest in particular types of character in video games or anime and manga.

From AkibaWords:
Originally, “Moe” is used to express feelings of loving something- especially, when otaku is crazy about bishojo (cute ladies) characters, they say “Moe.” Sometimes, it can be used to show the sexual excitement. Continue reading

Hayate no Gotoku !! (TV)

Hayate no Gotoku!! is the second season and finished aired at TV Tokyo at 18 September 2009. Compare with all Hayate’s series, the first season are still better and much funnier than this second season. Second season are more concentrated on development of their relationship… And more specific to certain character and some character are less in screen time. Most character that frequently seen others than Hayate is Hinagiku… even first ending theme in second season are fully with Hinagiku.

Hinagiku inside Hayate no Gotoku!! first ending, fully with moe~

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Hayate no Gotoku (TV)

Hayate no Gotoku is Plato’s Theory of… is another anime that I watched last semester. Anime that fully with romance, comedy, parody also one of my ‘most watching anime’ lists. With this tag that they convey, this anime also in my anime timetable during final exam, frankly it make me feel better by watching 3 or 4 episode after crazy final exam. You can try it.

Director by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, this story is about Ayasaki Hayate that is unlucky teenager who worked since childhood to end due the behavioral of irresponsible of his parent. Leaving with big gambling debt, his parents are planning to sell his Continue reading