Mayo Chiki! Episode 11 – White Wine and *hic*

Kinjirou and Konoe was having lunch that made by Master Kanade. Surprisingly even Kanade was came from rich family and have own private butler, she can manage the food and cook it very well. Kinjirou was pleasured with the taste of what we can consider as home-made food.

Previously butler must have to serve her master but this time, Subaru was served by her own Ojousama, Kanade. She becomes more pleasured than Kinjirou, yeah that’s very rare to happen in maid-butler-master world concept. Later Subaru become hotter and finally drunk with the ultra rare service. Thanks to Kanade, she just dropping some white wine inside the food then manipulates Subaru to licking Kinjirou.

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Mayo Chiki! Episode 8 – Subaru – Confidence in Motion

Relationship between Kinjirou and Subaru became closer and closer to her future father-in-law, Konoe Nagare. They become blush together, lying together, bath together and being kicked by Subaru together with Nagare.

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Mayo Chiki! Episode 7 – Please Run With Me, Kinjirou!

Project Runway, run away with Subaru might be a good idea… let’s say we call it “run with your fiancé”, or “run with my trap’s girl friend” is also good word to trolling your parent before make the home run or running from home. Complotting with the worker then just have fun with your lover ‘alone’.

Staring at Konoe Subaru face during journey also is a good idea too for releasing your tension up into your head, with moe power it will heal you.

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Mayo Chiki! Harem Battle

The lucky bastard Kinjirou, accidently involved in harem battle during school festival thanks to 2 crossdresser and tsundere species where badly demand to date him in the school festival. Usami “usamimi” are dealing second after Subaru firstly ask for date for school festival, creating a great firewall between them. The fire not just turn out between them but also there is 2 big underground fan club of Subaru declare the war. But on the soil surface that day, people seeing Subaru as boy and assume nothing wrong to hanging and hugging around Kinjirou… but the honest body Kinjirou still telling the truth.

Some will say Konoe Subaru was crossdressed in female china-dress as waiter and from the reality angle, all of the customer look like yuri.

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Mayo Chiki! – Nekomimi Butler in Blushy and Tsundere Mode

Crossdresser butler, Konoe Subaru now in Mayo Chiki! episode 4 are forced into nekomimi cosplay by Lord of the Kanade, sending her to Sakamachi residence door during Kinjirou’s golden week celebration with his instant noodle cup. Seems like the smell of love is on the Kinjirou’s towel and she try to make efforts to clean it up by sniffing… err… not the nose, …washer machine, arghh… but currently the box of laundry soap is on Kinjirou’s nose thanks to sharp target Subaru shot.

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Mayo Chiki episode 3 – Of course, on the bed… but, where is the bikini?

After previously ‘crossdressing himself’ into girly outfit , this time Subaru invited to double dating which she this time will be paired to Kinjirou’s little sister, Sakamachi Kureha. She has been manipulated Continue reading

Mayo Chiki! – When Butler Eventually Turn Into More Moe and Sexy

When butler will be relate to men and maid to woman, Konoe Subaru make it reverse by served as butler to Suzutsuki Kanade. Visually she is in man-butler outfit that we accept as nothing wrong with to look but as it going far into school, the hairstyle, somewhat feminine, a lot of thing pop-up in mind in dirty way and… saaaa… we need to realize that, he is girl! Continue reading