Chocolate Day…

as a chocolate lovers, I found that today is my bad day to buy chocolate….. arghhhhh!!!!!

Actually it was a normal thing to me to buy dark chocolate each time I go to supermarket. It is because at my living place right now, dark chocolate that I’m looking for are extremely hard to find at grocery store… maybe dark chocolate aren’t popular and bitter… but I love that taste, just gimme 500gm of them and i can finish it within 10-30 min!

so when i arrive at that chocolate section, one supermarket girl keeper and some others girls over there start to stare at every movement of me!! that moment I feel like I was a foreveralone.jpg guy who try cheering myself by buy myself a chocolate during Valentine day lol, Ironically, since yesterday most of my friend want me to give them a chocolate and my chocolate in my fridge was running out

actually I’m is quite shy person…

just leave that chocolate section, here we go! potato chip!!! T_T

Chocolate... This is how Akaza showing her love to Akarin

Yuru Yuri Second Season – Chocolate Maniac

Akarin left alone
Finally Akarin upgraded to next level of attention from this series producer lol~ BTW chocolate is one of my favourite snack to eat and I’m drooling myself along this episode running from the beginning.. all about food, and it’s delicious, especially when her big sister treat her something that I can say… gigantic! I can hear mini concert sound blast out from my stomach in middle of 3 am during watching this.

Doki doki... yes no yes no
Kyouko sleeping balloon..
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