Chocolate Day…

as a chocolate lovers, I found that today is my bad day to buy chocolate….. arghhhhh!!!!!

Actually it was a normal thing to me to buy dark chocolate each time I go to supermarket. It is because at my living place right now, dark chocolate that I’m looking for are extremely hard to find at grocery store… maybe dark chocolate aren’t popular and bitter… but I love that taste, just gimme 500gm of them and i can finish it within 10-30 min!

so when i arrive at that chocolate section, one supermarket girl keeper and some others girls over there start to stare at every movement of me!! that moment I feel like I was a foreveralone.jpg guy who try cheering myself by buy myself a chocolate during Valentine day lol, Ironically, since yesterday most of my friend want me to give them a chocolate and my chocolate in my fridge was running out

actually I’m is quite shy person…

just leave that chocolate section, here we go! potato chip!!! T_T

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