Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Ep.1 – Girlfriend VS. Childhood Friend

Another looooooong titled series for this season (Winter 2012-2013).

Ok, before we start, characters name & designs:
Oreshura Ep (1) Oreshura Ep (2)What?? Chunibyou right from the start! haha >o<!!

Oreshura Ep (3) Oreshura Ep (4) Oreshura Ep (5)

Service service service~!!
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speechless... I know Chinatsu giving a big dedication finishing this up last night

Yuru Yuri Season 2 Episode 12 – It’s Snow White

Long long time ago I was read Snow White story at my school library, Disney movie and sort… even last Semester I got one customer (Im running freelance about graphic and programming) who need her Cinderella story in Macromedia form (That piece of cake, but done like hell!) and Im expecting the storyline being same as before for this episode too…

Stage Performance of Snow White, writtn by.. dunno because the author seems like know well of all members original character and true nature… make this stage show so hilarious and I need to keep down my laugh volume due to others house-mate are in sleep.

Snow White... okay

Snow White… okay

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Binbougami ga! – 01 – Oppai Vs. Pettanko Battle Royale!

Not really the title screen but… *nosebleed >w<

Sakura is the idol at her school. Everything she do is perfect. There is a dark secret behind all these – She has an unusual high amount of ‘happiness energy’ that will even absorb others around her, & to add more to it; she actually has a very twisted personality!! She acts selfishly and believes everything is there only for her own happiness. Somehow she had absorbed so much “happiness energy” that she has caused an energy imbalance in the world.
To set things straight and maintain the balance of happiness among humans, is Binbougami – the god of poverty to tackle Sakura and to steal her happiness.  Momiji is the binbougami tasked to deal with Sakura. The starts of this interesting series with hilarious comedy fighting & even parody!

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead – 01 – ‘pervert’ without eraser?

Just imagine when he gain full confident and courage to transform in front of all schoolmate and then realize that something wrong with the chainsaw that cause disability to erase all memory… i lolled along the episode and heck I’m didn’t expect, maybe i forgot about some spoiler my friends make to me ^_^”

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Yuru Yuri Episode 8 – Tsundere Drooling Twin

Kyouko is tried to cheer up the serious-face Chitose in library after she predicted Chitose have fight with Ayano the Yuri Kaichou. With her cheerful method, Kyouko perform so moe posing but later ignored by Chitose. Then after doing for several trials to Chitose, another Chitose appear with Ayano.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 07 – Minami In Love With Yoshii, Thanks To Peeping Planning

Yoshii was confessed boldly to Minami via phone, so he likely digging his own graveyard but there is not the end of conflict, and the hole of graveyard maybe buried back to plant the flowers. Fresh from the German, some scene who people still assume as troll… maybe will explained the current status of relationship between Yoshii and Minami. From the previous episode, he failed to get the kiss from legendary Hideyoshi but the lust shadow was vanished in this episode. Personally I’m get little shock by watched the end of this. Surely it’s damn hot!

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The iDOLM@STER Episode 7 – Iori Tsundere to Big Sister

Iori, as came from rich and wealth family, live in this massive mansion. Very polite girl and refined in the public or on the stage, but all is revealed when she is in 765 Production team. The tsundereness and sharp tongue among member even to her own producer will show up… so how about get hanging and have the dinner at Yayoi Takatsuki house? Sure there’s no problem to Iori-sama, deep in her heart there is some of warming nature likely make her into ‘big sister’.

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Mayo Chiki! Episode 7 – Please Run With Me, Kinjirou!

Project Runway, run away with Subaru might be a good idea… let’s say we call it “run with your fiancé”, or “run with my trap’s girl friend” is also good word to trolling your parent before make the home run or running from home. Complotting with the worker then just have fun with your lover ‘alone’.

Staring at Konoe Subaru face during journey also is a good idea too for releasing your tension up into your head, with moe power it will heal you.

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Yuru Yuri Episode 7 – Christmas Dating X New Year Card

The unofficial leader, Kyouko proposed an idea to date at Christmas holiday. The yuri ray level from Kyouko raisen to over mega microsieven affected the kaichou and fellow friend to date with same gender. What a nice environment of bi… on the shop.

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Baka to Test to Shokanju Ni! – Yoshii-kun Yaoi Harem

Yoshii-kun as baka is in planned to get the ‘first kisses’ from the third legendary gender, Hideyoshi. It was successful indeed but just applied in the Yoshii dream. After the body rejecting him to wake up, Yoshi was given the 2nd chance for his energetic lust of Yaoi dream; this time is with Yuuji… and them life happily after… a few second.

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