moe fever - anime ID card

Le me:
still in MOE-fever without any MC from doctor

Well… welcome to Otaku no Region. This blog was created by me for fulfill our interest in posting something that mainly about otakus thing or stuff (I think I just a little otaku, and on the way to get more crazy about this hobby). I have great interest in anime, newbie in manga and video games. I like girlish things like moe-moe, meido, kawai, ecchi and… ‘Such’ things.

Here also is the place to shout all about current hobbies, event, my life, and non otaku related. Here also the place i publish my anime collection/already watch (still updating)… Maybe I have found something interesting and will post it here.

Real life?
Currently work as Software Developer with freelance in programming, montage, and graphic design project for some personal, lecture, company, and also military (just simple work, trust me…), I am also like doing any computer-electronics-audio related work. thus, i still hope to have more free time and not too lazy to update it. ganbate!

That’s all from me, thanks to hanging here and read our humble page.




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