Mayo Chiki! Episode 7 – Please Run With Me, Kinjirou!

Project Runway, run away with Subaru might be a good idea… let’s say we call it “run with your fiancé”, or “run with my trap’s girl friend” is also good word to trolling your parent before make the home run or running from home. Complotting with the worker then just have fun with your lover ‘alone’.

Staring at Konoe Subaru face during journey also is a good idea too for releasing your tension up into your head, with moe power it will heal you.

Sleep also can assist you into wet and bloody

Also, don’t forget to bring on your bikini set and please wear it properly after arriving on your destination so I can take a nice shot by it. If you’re Man or Boy or Hideyoshi,don’t worry, bring the bikini, and with short mind just wear it and imagine you’re already having perfect Hideyoshi body… ~awww I am in feminine mode~… got the feeling first, then just wear it! Keep in mind that orange free hair, Takanashi Punyuru is a pure girl! Pure ONE!

Kanade one-chan~ gotcha

Let’s play!


Beware of pedobear…

Then if there is anything went wrong and if you find that you’re in very deep shit, just feel free to insert yourself into Subaru glory hole and she will help you towards to heaven.


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