Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead – 04 – Tsundere Maid

The maid cafe which under the management of zombies vampire ninja was served the tsundere course to the customer. It was very warmly moe when you see the ninjas wearing maid outfit, and suit well with the theme, tsundere. So the heck with the reveal dere part competition.

I wish the nearest maid cafe here can provide the tsundere course for me…

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 08 – Minami and Language Barrier

Flashbang… Flashback – The early year after she transfer from German into Japan, even with her mother tongue cannot let her to speak even understand Japanese well and causing trouble in the beginning of class. Being as foreigner is hard especially she need to understand what she will or want to say. The problem is as expected from baka-class, they didn’t fluent in English well and Minami expected when she speak in English a little, they can understand what she want. But she can detect the phrase ‘flat-chest’ even in the situation where she lost in her mind’s translation chaos, mean she is aware about sensitive word that applied well to her.

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The iDOLM@STER Episode 7 – Iori Tsundere to Big Sister

Iori, as came from rich and wealth family, live in this massive mansion. Very polite girl and refined in the public or on the stage, but all is revealed when she is in 765 Production team. The tsundereness and sharp tongue among member even to her own producer will show up… so how about get hanging and have the dinner at Yayoi Takatsuki house? Sure there’s no problem to Iori-sama, deep in her heart there is some of warming nature likely make her into ‘big sister’.

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Mayo Chiki! Harem Battle

The lucky bastard Kinjirou, accidently involved in harem battle during school festival thanks to 2 crossdresser and tsundere species where badly demand to date him in the school festival. Usami “usamimi” are dealing second after Subaru firstly ask for date for school festival, creating a great firewall between them. The fire not just turn out between them but also there is 2 big underground fan club of Subaru declare the war. But on the soil surface that day, people seeing Subaru as boy and assume nothing wrong to hanging and hugging around Kinjirou… but the honest body Kinjirou still telling the truth.

Some will say Konoe Subaru was crossdressed in female china-dress as waiter and from the reality angle, all of the customer look like yuri.

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Baka To Test Shoukanjuu Ni! – Complete Disaster to Tsundere and ‘Confession’ Timing

The obaba’s principle of baka school announced new feature in the summon creature, now available to test and the F class and being as lab mice to use that new update of invention. The summon creature are now can speak in human language not like before where can scream and hum like a little cub.

The problem is, they speak truth about their owner revealing the entire secret even not being instructed by the master. Complete disaster that demanded dignity of tsundere secret heart.

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Mayo Chiki! – Nekomimi Butler in Blushy and Tsundere Mode

Crossdresser butler, Konoe Subaru now in Mayo Chiki! episode 4 are forced into nekomimi cosplay by Lord of the Kanade, sending her to Sakamachi residence door during Kinjirou’s golden week celebration with his instant noodle cup. Seems like the smell of love is on the Kinjirou’s towel and she try to make efforts to clean it up by sniffing… err… not the nose, …washer machine, arghh… but currently the box of laundry soap is on Kinjirou’s nose thanks to sharp target Subaru shot.

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