KONMAS – Karnival Komik Manga Anime Se-Malaysia 2010

Some image I want to share here about KONMAS or Karnival Komik Manga Anime Se-Malaysia at Dewan Serbaguna UNISEL, Shah Alam. Here is none of my own picture was capture since I really forgot to bring it here but thanks a lot I have some copy of image from my member during that event.

Along event:

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Tono to Issho (OVA)

Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Aired: 25 March 2010
Producers: Gathering
Genres: Comedy, Samurai, Seinen
Duration: 37 min

OVA related with famous samurai general and historical event, Tono to Issho OVA’s story begin around Sengoku period. This story is about biography of warrior at that period in different province but in comedy and parody way… I guess there also some additional character where not in the real history. Unsure its fact or not when they have doraemon and gundam that time.


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Working!! ep09 – When Takanashi Souta Crossdressing

Takanashi Souta is a pure man where have healthy male body, smart hair with glasses. But everything changes when Inami was telling her mother about white day present that given by Takanashi. She also want her mom to keep it secret from her father because Inami are not allowed by her father to to make friends with male.

The good news is… her mom leaked that secret to Inami’s father.

So to solve this problem, Inami was ‘transform’ Takanashi from male to female form and that’s working! and meet Inami’s father …errr they also changed Takanashi-kun name to Kotori-chan, that’s idea came from Satou… kawaii trap lol

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Awesome vehicles plate alphabet – end 2009

Happy New Year and today will be rest day after driving 2,000km around peninsular that end on 31 December 2009. So as we know, long traveler will see more scenery and various cultures across it. I don’t care those things because… I’m driving, arrive at that place, have some rest, eat or sleep, few hours after that, drive again… so tired until kill my intention to take the picture myself. However I have subbed my camera to my cousin. 2 hours left, she sleeps… uhh.

Along the journey, there is some awesome thing that maybe nobody doesn’t care about it like the driver. For me it quite interesting. So I take those images along driving 2,000 km. it’s not scenery, its vehicles plate number.

The most important things is, those image are original one, I have not edited content except censored some part.

AGM – Annual Greeting Meeting

TAG – tag, tag for post, for luggage, material, etc

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Kämpfer (TV) – fully with moe but they have TRAP inside for moe fan!

Is it ä and a are same thing? Argh no ä character on my keyboard. That are annoying me for typing these character. Never mind… I will use default word: Kämpfer.

Senou Natsuru is ordinary high school student like others student there, have normal body, normal man behavior, normal lover, but all will change when he selected to be Kämpfer. Having no idea about what’s going on, Natsuru is involved in the battles against other Kämpfers. The way Kämpfer fights are depend on what item that they gain. It will divide to 3 categories that is weapon, magic or sword. So Natsuru get magic category using fire ball and in blue team.
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