Ponytail + Red Hair + Hair Ribbon = my favourite characters!!

ponytail is one of hairstyle usually used by women/girl. the style are simple, easy to make and useful in daily-active woman style. the typical character of ponytail girl usually they are active person such athlete, fast moving worker, aggressive, and sometime they choose it for having simple style others than free-hair… this not apply to all but in some view it’s clearly determine the characteristics of person that use ponytail as her hairstyle.

red hair or ginger hair actually really happen naturally in 1-2% of world population. but when we watching anime, the colour actually will be more stressed on red, not orange-ginger colour as naturally in reality world. anyway many people believe the red colour hair people is aggressive, short tempered, sharp tongue, sensitive to thermal and have high sexual performance. in 2D world, it happen and sometime when we playing a game or watching an anime, we can predict “owh, this character might be this, this, and this…”, “she’s tsundere!!” lol yeah we mostly win in this prediction war.

hair ribbon… ribbon + hair.. thank you. in some position, the hair ribbon will look like cat ears/nekomimi or kemonomimi… that’s what i desired to look actually hehehee~

here some gathering of character born from both lightness and darkness side through the equation of:


character from Anime

Corticarte Apa Lagranges

(Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica)

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