Baka To Test Shoukanjuu Ni! – Complete Disaster to Tsundere and ‘Confession’ Timing

The obaba’s principle of baka school announced new feature in the summon creature, now available to test and the F class and being as lab mice to use that new update of invention. The summon creature are now can speak in human language not like before where can scream and hum like a little cub.

The problem is, they speak truth about their owner revealing the entire secret even not being instructed by the master. Complete disaster that demanded dignity of tsundere secret heart.

Continue reading – Anonymous will hack it as respond from SKMM blocking action

Hacker group, ‘Anonymous’ are planned launch attack to website. an attack based on political view are maybe as a respond from SKMM blocking action and claims it was Continue reading

Kämpfer (TV) – fully with moe but they have TRAP inside for moe fan!

Is it ä and a are same thing? Argh no ä character on my keyboard. That are annoying me for typing these character. Never mind… I will use default word: Kämpfer.

Senou Natsuru is ordinary high school student like others student there, have normal body, normal man behavior, normal lover, but all will change when he selected to be Kämpfer. Having no idea about what’s going on, Natsuru is involved in the battles against other Kämpfers. The way Kämpfer fights are depend on what item that they gain. It will divide to 3 categories that is weapon, magic or sword. So Natsuru get magic category using fire ball and in blue team.
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