Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai -01- High School DxD Rival Appeared!!

Ryosuke Kaga is a perverted high school boy. One day, he meets a girl standing alone in the rain. She is Lisara Restole, an elite Shinigami, who visited the human world in order to find “The Singular Man” to make her real contract with. Ryosuke makes a temporary contract with Lisara and she sucks energy required for her activity in the human world from Ryosuke. The source of the energy is his perverted spirit. To recover the sexual desire, Ryosuke has no choice but to help Lisara’s search. He cannot get excitement from watching girls and wonders if his adolescent days are over. Also, he learns from Lisara, that he will die in three months and in return of his help, she will try to change his fate.


Ryosuke Kaga (加賀 良介 )Voiced by: Hiro Shimono

Lisara Restole (リサラ・レストール)Voiced by: Aya Endo

Mina Okura (大倉 美菜 )Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara

Others will be added later (^з^)-☆

Screen caps gallery of the episode:
The series is high in ‘ecchi’… will not put too high level screen caps in here…. you are not recommended to watch the series with your family members… If you know what I mean ☆⌒(≧▽゜)b

See you next time on episode 2: Ero is Good for The Environment

Reviewed by: Cruzz Sensei


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