Arghh doki doki… Yuru Yuri 2nd Season! I’ll Waiting For You!!

Dunno I’m feel doki doki doki~.. Owh I’m got minor injured from the vehicle accident, no wonder why…err.. NOOO!

This feeling raised when I realized that in less than 30 hours, Yuru Yuri 2nd Season will be premiere in TV Tokyo. err… Arghhh!!! okay I need to heal my injury first, before losing my blood this Monday… I’ll keep my eyes to this facebook’s fanpage (this fanpage isn’t mine) update for booster.. they awesomely make an update regularly on facebook.

I’ll try my best to sleep properly, and politely tonight… without scratching others house-mate due to moe madness lol

Yuru Yuri 2nd Season – Really Looking Forward For This Yuri Epicenter

Owh yea.. just realize the Yuru Yuri 2nd Season will be start next monday… doki doki ne~ I wasn”t want to put the high expectation for this new series but damn really need yuri injection.. ahahaha this series is one of the best comedy-yuri ever!!
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Yuru Yuri 2 PV is released

Yuru Yuri Season 2 PV 01

As announced last December, Yuru Yuri geting its 2nd season titled “Yuru Yuri ♪♪” in this July until September. The story still remain same, it is about the activity of Gorakubi (Amusement Club) who take over the former room for tea ceremony club. Yeah surely that ‘bloody tragedy’ hopefully will occur more frequently again…

I’m strolling around the information about the seiyuu for Toshino Kyouko, Yuka Ootsubo. Amazingly this character is the first one she did in seiyuu industries, Im personally suprised with that fact because she play it very natural and lively like professional. For this season she gain the another task to be in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san as Kurei Tamao.

bloody source:
Myanimelist, Anime News Network

Let’s make cut paste wallpaper by Photoshop!!

when I got bored.. opening the Photoshop and get this blank background I cut somewhere on internet… then, download some anime picture and start the lame editing game works!!

main image in the wallpaper was aligned to right due to not messed up with icon on desktop on the left…

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Yuru Yuri Episode 8 – Tsundere Drooling Twin

Kyouko is tried to cheer up the serious-face Chitose in library after she predicted Chitose have fight with Ayano the Yuri Kaichou. With her cheerful method, Kyouko perform so moe posing but later ignored by Chitose. Then after doing for several trials to Chitose, another Chitose appear with Ayano.

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Yuru Yuri Episode 7 – Christmas Dating X New Year Card

The unofficial leader, Kyouko proposed an idea to date at Christmas holiday. The yuri ray level from Kyouko raisen to over mega microsieven affected the kaichou and fellow friend to date with same gender. What a nice environment of bi… on the shop.

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Yuru Yuri’s Miraku-run Cosplay Day

Twintails pink haired girl, Chinatsu Yoshikawa being as subject to Toshino Kyouko again in event of cosplaying-in-home and Chinatsu will be cosplay as well known Little Witch Miraku-run for beloved sempai’s , Yui Funami… err… not for her, but for her little relative kids who come to Yui’s home. So Kyouko was prepared the costume and… tadaa… the Miraku-run was summoned and meet the Yui’s relative kids with hypocrite and hidden evil face.

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Yuru Yuri Comiket… Nishikyogoku Ramuko-san?

Drastically Kyouko invited the Ayano to wait at the middle of night at the station, the burning Ayano feeling told she will be alone and can be something hot training this night with Kyouko… and…

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Yuru Yuri episode 4 – If (~answer here~), then (~answer here~)

Yuru Yuri episode 4 give the ultimate scene of summer beach with sparkly fan service and pleasurable yuri imagination powered by 4 eyes species called Ikeda Chitose. Thanks to her the series will become more yuri and hot with visual of yuri’s fantasy couple Kyouko and Ayano.

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Yuru Yuri episode 2 – Good Imagination of Yuri

Yuri Power is raised on Yuru Yuri episode 2 give the impact to yuri lover for nosebleed till the end of episode. Continue reading