– Anonymous will hack it as respond from SKMM blocking action

Hacker group, ‘Anonymous’ are planned launch attack to website. an attack based on political view are maybe as a respond from SKMM blocking action and claims it was Continue reading

Good Damn

huh *sight*

After checking the result online regarding university final exam result… I can see 2 big ‘hole’ in my result screen. How far it damage? Sorry I can’t tell it. Yeah, I hoping the result will be better than last time but there’s become more worse… it being a warning to me to more concentrates in study next semester as final semester student. I don’t want to miss approach again in next final exam…

I’m very frightened right now and start thinking what my heading next for degree study with my current pointer. Also I’m very afraid of extending my study that take a lot of time. Ganbare for next time

Collector Rumbling Dillema – when it reach its capacity to store

That’s a long day of cataloging back my anime collection in digital form, taking from end of my final exam last month until today. Until this time, I don’t realize is my hard disc is free to place all my collection. Since I currently only have 1 TB external hard disc, so I assumed all my collection are suit to place it all. But…

after collecting anime for straight 3 year…

Before this, my anime are placed in this 1TB and mixed with my backup file and Continue reading

Study Week before Study Week

Nothing special here, just I’m feel want to write something, but lately I’m so busy to accomplish my final project before it’s dead line… 5 of them in straight 5 days, started last Thursday. along this period I have less time online in internet. maybe others user look my username is still login but the reality is I’m login it but left it and continue with my work after a couple of minutes. stay up until 5am. Same with others, study for next test and final exam, also meeting. Continue reading

Solulululululuuution – unexpected that small matter

Last Monday I have finished my “neko anime list” project with update for second time. used my time up to 11 pm for update my latest collection, it end with failure when published to HTML version. I guess it just small error on my laptop and decided to test published back at others housemate laptop… the result still same.

with the hope, searching for solution, until last day i decided to make my mind to forget that software and find others suitable and better software… even my heart still says this is the best application to doing my stuff. but last 10 minutes ago, I find what I search…

not new software, but the center of this heavenly damn error
the error came from No 153; Miracle Train (TV) > Main Information

wrong way:
Location: NEKOEXTHDD01:\[Anime]\[ COMPLETE ]\[M]\Miracle Train (TV)\

correct way:
Location: NEKOEXTHDD01:\[Anime]\[ COMPLETE ]\[M]\Miracle Train (TV)

just ” \ “… damn why I not noticed this before, urghh…

Married with video game character? one otaku made it become true

do you ready to have married?

this man say’s yes… in wrong path of human being

it sound weird and some frighten but it’s true

a marriage between human named himself as Sal9000 with video game character in Japan: Nintedo DS “Love Plus” named Anegasaki Nene… congratulation to both real world bride and electronic form bride…

maybe he have blue screen and corruption somewhere inside brain part. that totally crazy, when otaku getting out of line of what human should be married with. just wondering how their preparation for first night… maybe print of Anegasaki Nene or summon it from digital form into reality world. perhaps… uhh poor man WTF

Otaku – campus life issue

Not sure what title should be given…lol. Many anime enthusiasm are already know what otaku is, and issue belonging to this. Basically otaku mean an individual that obsessed to anime, manga and video games. But as a normal otaku sometime will be accept by others or person around that community but how about obsessed being an otaku… or just very obsessed to sub category of otaku.

In terms inside my community especially in my campus, otaku that living there are not very obsessed like others place or country but some of them quite make me worry, always thinking how they can bring up negative view to non non otaku. Basically otaku are in language meaning is obsessed to something but if not be controlled well will ruin themselves.

Campus life not only for student study but learn to how they Continue reading

What the damn worker, turtle are more faster

sup! as the last post stated, i don’t have internet connection since last week because I have closed that line, my housemate have register on new internet provider. should be more easier, by using wireless modem, we can shared internet connection in one line in same time, not like my broadband which one internet connection in one time. but after 1 week of registration…

good news is:
my billing cost are reduced due of closed of my internet line

bad news is:
1. new internet provider are not installed until now and still waiting, note: they are more cheaper and affordable than last one
2. assignment are rapidly increase and this time, all are required to have internet line
3. I’m BOREEEEDDDDD!!!!! give me internet line!! I have payed to you

I hope those slothful contractor provider installed my line more faster, I want to surfing internet!!, mostly in updating my blog… ohh, the nearest cyber cafe from my house right now is 1.5km, damn nice right? hahahuh

update: Yeah!!! I get my line right now…

My ‘happiness’ tasks, became Class Represent and losing internet line

Like others university student, I’m about 2 week have started my semester 5 in final year. Happy, nostalgic, meet my friend after 1 month and half semester break…

And those list are collected since started of last week until yesterday… first final project came on first day on Monday on first week after started. What should I control this time is, my laziness level… Gaikoku Neko, ganbate!!

Another coincided, this semester being my 5th time as a class represent. From first semester until now people always ask and push me to become as class represent. Not only student but lecturer also said that same thing. Became class represent or short name is class rep, it will stolen some amount of concentration in many kind of situation. I can’t avoid it. Continue reading

Laziness, happy damn day… lol

Having long day meeting drained up my energy, start on 3pm until 5 o’clock, continued back at 10pm until early 2 am. Unexpected… but I have predicted that since last day on campus, my final exam is quite suck. Those make me down in despair… haha. Fighting with others student to get in server that already super busy until 4am and the result is… yes, very depressing… now I have running out mood to do anything others than sleep.

Aaaaaaaahhhh….. I’m Happy!, I’m Happy!! x 16… and say it again until your despair disappear

BUT believe me that mood just for half an hour only, it end after watching some ecchi… damn, useless pervert lol. How you can just forget that final damn exam result just by doing that? Others side, it’s important to get in mood back, and not let myself descend into despair, not mean we can forget that mistake but we must go ahead, not face back to the past, make the best next time. Continue reading