Let’s make cut paste wallpaper by Photoshop!!

when I got bored.. opening the Photoshop and get this blank background I cut somewhere on internet… then, download some anime picture and start the lame editing game works!!

main image in the wallpaper was aligned to right due to not messed up with icon on desktop on the left…

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Railgun Special… and waiting for OVA

…We have watching you front of the screen just for fun and making you become a huge hit

Special series from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, short humor story compiled to 8-9 minutes episode sometime refresh up the memories of watching their TV series before… rumors said it will be 4 special episode, others says it’s still unknown, on Wikipedia they write 4 title but the digit of 13’ still wondering me what they mean. They make me become Continue reading

Elisa – Smile ~You and Me~

Another new song I take this week into my playlist

Elisa – Smile ~You and Me~
I got this during watching To Aru Kagaru no Railgun (TV). Ending theme no 2
very nice song.. relaxing me when i listen to it

lyrics get from here and mp3 file from here
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