C2AGE 2012 Last Day Cosplay

urmm.. yeah, this is the picture for the last day of C2AGE at Tropicana City Mall. I know it quite… late, over 1 week after the event but, okay, here the image… I missed the part when “Working!” cosplay invaded one of the cafe in this mall lol.

one more thing… gomen for the orange-like environment color due to mistaken for misunderstanding the color display on DSLR’s LCD lol, and then realize the image was end up like this..

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead – 01 – ‘pervert’ without eraser?

Just imagine when he gain full confident and courage to transform in front of all schoolmate and then realize that something wrong with the chainsaw that cause disability to erase all memory… i lolled along the episode and heck I’m didn’t expect, maybe i forgot about some spoiler my friends make to me ^_^”

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