Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 10 – Beautiful Quote

Once again Yoshii make a very nice punch line to expressing his true feeling to the Tsundere Queen, Minami. So The Majesty just hears it from the back of class sliding door, meanwhile others 3 baka’s people hear straight from the recording that reveal all Yoshii word. Not only Minami was fall with that beauty word but also that 3 baka’s was feel moved by hearing that… even Yuuji can get very blush.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 09 – Confessing Episode, You Lucky Bastard Akihisa!

For many episode Minami on-air-time rose much higher, blushier… err, lot of blush in every time Akihisa was there. Continued from the epic kiss moment in episode 7, Akihisa was clearly need to respond to what Minami done to him including the public-first-kiss act which the hottest and most powerful impact to FFFFFF~ and the fan around the world. Like others lovers around the Google Earth, Minami now more into dere-dere mode to Yoshii and sometime she even seems like allow him to taking over her body, literally, but damn you Yoshi, this is golden time!!

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 08 – Minami and Language Barrier

Flashbang… Flashback – The early year after she transfer from German into Japan, even with her mother tongue cannot let her to speak even understand Japanese well and causing trouble in the beginning of class. Being as foreigner is hard especially she need to understand what she will or want to say. The problem is as expected from baka-class, they didn’t fluent in English well and Minami expected when she speak in English a little, they can understand what she want. But she can detect the phrase ‘flat-chest’ even in the situation where she lost in her mind’s translation chaos, mean she is aware about sensitive word that applied well to her.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 07 – Minami In Love With Yoshii, Thanks To Peeping Planning

Yoshii was confessed boldly to Minami via phone, so he likely digging his own graveyard but there is not the end of conflict, and the hole of graveyard maybe buried back to plant the flowers. Fresh from the German, some scene who people still assume as troll… maybe will explained the current status of relationship between Yoshii and Minami. From the previous episode, he failed to get the kiss from legendary Hideyoshi but the lust shadow was vanished in this episode. Personally I’m get little shock by watched the end of this. Surely it’s damn hot!

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Baka To Test Shoukanjuu Ni! – Complete Disaster to Tsundere and ‘Confession’ Timing

The obaba’s principle of baka school announced new feature in the summon creature, now available to test and the F class and being as lab mice to use that new update of invention. The summon creature are now can speak in human language not like before where can scream and hum like a little cub.

The problem is, they speak truth about their owner revealing the entire secret even not being instructed by the master. Complete disaster that demanded dignity of tsundere secret heart.

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