Good Job Club (GJ-bu) – Kirara Bernstein… is she (possibility) my new crush after Konoe Subaru?

quote from one of our philosopher:

watchout for the cat!!..XD Kyou Oozora …Good Job Club


haha personally I’m a cat lover, also looking forward for any cat-girl (fox, wolf, rabbit, dog, etc…. also welcomed). Before I watch this series my friend was give a ‘warning’ to me lol… you could hooked to this series! GJ-bu is one of new anime series for this winter 2013 season that featured cat-ears hairstyle… Cuticle Detective Inaba also have one too but male (but he looks cute too~)

short brief, GJ-bu is about unidentified club situated at certain school… and only one boy was in there, the rest is girl… this is harem set desu~ for me this series remind me to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Amatsuka Mao with the biting the Shinomiya Kyouya, Sumeragi Shion with her level of chess game genius, Amatsuka Megumi more into elegant-like girl and Shinomiya Kyouya with his innocent, later was given new nickname by Megumi: Kyouro.

Kirara Bernstein personality really make me personally hooked to her, she is just quiet, unique, able tu talk with cat and sometime act like a cat, big appetite especially with meat and the only who she can share with is Kyouro. Physically, she is tall girl, blonde hair shaped into cat-ears like… and have some big ‘assets’.

Also, don’t giver her any alcohol content drink/food

surprisingly, even she is quite strong girl, she has big fear with spider due to her trauma bitten by poisonous spider when she was 4 years old….

meat sauces:


2 comments on “Good Job Club (GJ-bu) – Kirara Bernstein… is she (possibility) my new crush after Konoe Subaru?

  1. me too i iam really interested in kirara, i find her cute in many ways…….i want to see more of her sceneeees instead of the gj bu buchou.. i want to see more scenes with kirara and kyouro

  2. You bet she is really cute, probably the only char I found really likeable ranking just above *Mori san :-))
    She is a little cute *Tora <3

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