Railgun Special… and waiting for OVA

…We have watching you front of the screen just for fun and making you become a huge hit

Special series from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, short humor story compiled to 8-9 minutes episode sometime refresh up the memories of watching their TV series before… rumors said it will be 4 special episode, others says it’s still unknown, on Wikipedia they write 4 title but the digit of 13’ still wondering me what they mean. They make me become Continue reading

Elisa – Smile ~You and Me~

Another new song I take this week into my playlist

Elisa – Smile ~You and Me~
I got this during watching To Aru Kagaru no Railgun (TV). Ending theme no 2
very nice song.. relaxing me when i listen to it

lyrics get from here and mp3 file from here
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