Taka Tachi

Domo domo~

☆Hey!ヽ(‘ー’#)/ Hello!☆

and Welcome to Otaku no Region!!

A place where Otaku (i’m not an Otaku…yet) share their passion about Anime and Otaku Culture!!

 A normal ex-student who almost lost his youth (jinsei no owata), struggling to find more income in life..and now struggling to find happiness and meaning of his life. Currently working as a Clean Up artist at Animasia Studio~ 

Currently taking Degree in Animation part 1 (just ended)

A forever and always a fanatic of Megane no kanojo *meaning any cute girl who wear GLASSES OUT THERE BEWAREEEE OF THIS MA>>>* eheemm continue~

Current job and favourite things to do:

Student, Illustrator, Animator, Gamer, Anime, Music, Figurine, Gunpla, Photographer, Event, Gadget, Tech, Traveler, Shopping

Currently as a PHOTOGRAPHER of this site. Also volunteered to be the man who do the field work.

Thats all folks! Do enjoy reading our humble blog!!

\(`〇´ )お!( `□´)/は!└( `・´ )┘つ!




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