Japan Culture Night 2012

Right after Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 (AFAMY) ended, there was another special event held by Danny Choo; Japan Culture Night (JCN). The event itself  is like the after party for AFAMY where fans & followers of Danny Choo gathered to talk to each other, socialize, and make new connection.

JCN was held on Monday; 11.06.2012 from 5 p.m. till 10.30 p.m. ++ at Pavilion, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The entrance fee for the event was RM 30. As stated by Danny; the fees are for foods, drinks & for him not to get his body cut by the Pavilion’s people.

Taka & Cruzz Sensei were the only two that able to go because Kyou are stuck with his arubaito at home….
*wish you were there also Kyou-chan… met so many people over there ヽ(*´∀`)人(´∀`*)ノ

We both reached Pavilion around 8.00p.m++ yeah, we both planned to be late from the start…

Just as keikaku huh Taka-san?

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Yuru Yuri Comiket… Nishikyogoku Ramuko-san?

Drastically Kyouko invited the Ayano to wait at the middle of night at the station, the burning Ayano feeling told she will be alone and can be something hot training this night with Kyouko… and…

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C2AGE 2011 Picture Gallery

Few days after the event my fellow member who join the C2AGE are sending some image taken on that event… actually on that day I am unable to attend under some damn circumstance even though at the beginning all was green. Whatever is this I really enjoyed the picture after they selected it from thousand of image that proof that they was a pure photostalker…

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KONMAS – Karnival Komik Manga Anime Se-Malaysia 2010

Some image I want to share here about KONMAS or Karnival Komik Manga Anime Se-Malaysia at Dewan Serbaguna UNISEL, Shah Alam. Here is none of my own picture was capture since I really forgot to bring it here but thanks a lot I have some copy of image from my member during that event.

Along event:

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GACC 2010 MMU Melaka – cosplay day

This is maybe first anime event that I attend for this year… but I really enjoyed it. GACC or Game Anime Comic Circle organized by EMINA in Multimedia University (MMU) Malacca lasted yesterday. But I not expected will come there since I have cold and fever last day and not fully recovered yet, even today. Ride on motorcycle to the event look like crazy doing when road’s single white line looks like double line, body feel like fur. I just attend for 2 hours something, because after 5pm, I have some final project should be settled.

About the event… its quite interesting, with cosplay competition event was running after arriving there plus PS2/3 game, doujin and otaku stuff like figure, merchandise seller inside that hall. Those 2 hours was spending just capture the picture of cosplay and around the event… since I cannot be there for long time.

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Neko Anime List – finally published on 2 March 2010

Finally after a month working to update… Neko Anime List (NAL) are published for first time in 2010, after facing with several problem including attacking by virus and format back my computer. So anyone who interest in seeing my collection can look up to page Neko Anime List. There will be a list of my collection. a link of download also provided in *.zip format to who want to see it more detail.

phew… seriously I’m very happy right now XD… yeah my assignment and NAL project both finished last night. so i can have good rest… for a while, before getting busy back after “anime transfer day” on this Saturday… It will be more 200GB new collection entering my collection on that date… be prepared to suffer and start catalog it back… huhu…

Solulululululuuution – unexpected that small matter

Last Monday I have finished my “neko anime list” project with update for second time. used my time up to 11 pm for update my latest collection, it end with failure when published to HTML version. I guess it just small error on my laptop and decided to test published back at others housemate laptop… the result still same.

with the hope, searching for solution, until last day i decided to make my mind to forget that software and find others suitable and better software… even my heart still says this is the best application to doing my stuff. but last 10 minutes ago, I find what I search…

not new software, but the center of this heavenly damn error
the error came from No 153; Miracle Train (TV) > Main Information

wrong way:
Location: NEKOEXTHDD01:\[Anime]\[ COMPLETE ]\[M]\Miracle Train (TV)\

correct way:
Location: NEKOEXTHDD01:\[Anime]\[ COMPLETE ]\[M]\Miracle Train (TV)

just ” \ “… damn why I not noticed this before, urghh…

Have you heared about lolifox? …or maybe you already have it

Actually I want to searching the most suitable anime list manager or others stuff for cataloged my messy collection, but in that early morning I found others software, not anime bla bla manager, but lolifox… dragged by interest in moe-moe thing, so i try out this software

lolifox is another Mozilla-based multi tab internet browser based on Mozilla 2.0. this lolifox will function as like others web browser but has advantages in browsing. it will offer extra features where cannot be find in normal firefox and it comes with own predefined bookmark. usually it will be blank at this tab but by lolifox, which are also shown on the bookmarks toolbar. Those are the lolifox home page (temporarily closed till the next version comes out), latest headlines feeds, anime torrent sites feeds, and links to Hongfire, DaTorrents and BoxTorrents, AniDB, ANN and AnimeNFO and Antenna, a blog about anime.


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Married with video game character? one otaku made it become true

do you ready to have married?

this man say’s yes… in wrong path of human being

it sound weird and some frighten but it’s true

a marriage between human named himself as Sal9000 with video game character in Japan: Nintedo DS “Love Plus” named Anegasaki Nene… congratulation to both real world bride and electronic form bride…

maybe he have blue screen and corruption somewhere inside brain part. that totally crazy, when otaku getting out of line of what human should be married with. just wondering how their preparation for first night… maybe print of Anegasaki Nene or summon it from digital form into reality world. perhaps… uhh poor man WTF

Otaku – campus life issue

Not sure what title should be given…lol. Many anime enthusiasm are already know what otaku is, and issue belonging to this. Basically otaku mean an individual that obsessed to anime, manga and video games. But as a normal otaku sometime will be accept by others or person around that community but how about obsessed being an otaku… or just very obsessed to sub category of otaku.

In terms inside my community especially in my campus, otaku that living there are not very obsessed like others place or country but some of them quite make me worry, always thinking how they can bring up negative view to non non otaku. Basically otaku are in language meaning is obsessed to something but if not be controlled well will ruin themselves.

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