C2AGE 2012 Last Day Cosplay

urmm.. yeah, this is the picture for the last day of C2AGE at Tropicana City Mall. I know it quite… late, over 1 week after the event but, okay, here the image… I missed the part when “Working!” cosplay invaded one of the cafe in this mall lol.

one more thing… gomen for the orange-like environment color due to mistaken for misunderstanding the color display on DSLR’s LCD lol, and then realize the image was end up like this..

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Dating with androphobia – Working!! (TV) – 12

In this episode, Takanashi have prepared himself to the “final battle” called date with Inami. Well Inami still in androphobia mode even frequently back from work together with Takanashi. In the same time, Souma and Yamada were planning to get Takanashi into crossdressing. There is no any objection from his sempai, Taneshima since she also adorable to Takanashi’s crossdressing but Satou assume Souma as an evil mastermind and he must responsible to what he done.

In Takanashi’s current outfit, Inami was able to get closer to Takanashi but still working hard to hold Takanashi hand and fight to her androphobia. Others side, Takanashi was one step ahead with his view to Inami.

Working!! ep09 – When Takanashi Souta Crossdressing

Takanashi Souta is a pure man where have healthy male body, smart hair with glasses. But everything changes when Inami was telling her mother about white day present that given by Takanashi. She also want her mom to keep it secret from her father because Inami are not allowed by her father to to make friends with male.

The good news is… her mom leaked that secret to Inami’s father.

So to solve this problem, Inami was ‘transform’ Takanashi from male to female form and that’s working! and meet Inami’s father …errr they also changed Takanashi-kun name to Kotori-chan, that’s idea came from Satou… kawaii trap lol

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