GACC 2010 MMU Melaka – cosplay day

This is maybe first anime event that I attend for this year… but I really enjoyed it. GACC or Game Anime Comic Circle organized by EMINA in Multimedia University (MMU) Malacca lasted yesterday. But I not expected will come there since I have cold and fever last day and not fully recovered yet, even today. Ride on motorcycle to the event look like crazy doing when road’s single white line looks like double line, body feel like fur. I just attend for 2 hours something, because after 5pm, I have some final project should be settled.

About the event… its quite interesting, with cosplay competition event was running after arriving there plus PS2/3 game, doujin and otaku stuff like figure, merchandise seller inside that hall. Those 2 hours was spending just capture the picture of cosplay and around the event… since I cannot be there for long time.

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Cardcaptor Sakura – Catch You Catch Me – Live action VS Original version

Just remind back of funny old memory, I was searching the Cardcaptor Sakura’s live action OP 1 (Gumi – Catch You Catch Me), and find this video in youtube… frankly, this is one of most funny live action video that I have even seen also little bit annoying.

I’m already watching the live action last 3 years and it’s quite funny and awesome… The live action actually make by a group of guy (YES, it’s a guy, not girl!!) and dressing and make camera shoot near the original anime opening.

Until now, if I remind back in my head, I will laugh and laugh, non stop… ok, enjoy!!

Lyrics :

Aitaina Aenaina Setsunaina Kono Kimochi
Ienaino Iitaino Chansu Nogashite Bakari
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