Comic Fiesta 2012 – Part 2

lol this is our part two… sorry for late upload btw this is Comic Fiesta 2012’s pictures gallery for part two… yeah we got multiple sources of photographer’s pictures so you can find some military cosplayer’s pictures (since some of us chasing them) somewhere along this post.

Asunas and Kitiros everywhere… also Inoris

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Comic Fiesta 2012

Once again KLCC have been selected to be the venue for one of the biggest Anime, Comic, & Game Convention (ACGC) in Malaysia; Comic fiesta. As the culture now becoming more & more popular with Malaysian, the number of people coming to the event reached OVER 9000! (Saying it like Vegeta from Dragon Ball) at the first half of Day 1, easily. These numbers are affected by regular event goers, cosplayers, photographers, tourists@first timers & the Comic Fiesta committee themselves.

Congratulations to Comic Fiesta committee for the achievement unlock of over 25,000 visitors blasting for both day of the event (22 and 23 December 2012), more than double the number from last year! thumbs up!

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Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 – Day 2

Ok for the second day of AFA Malaysia 2012… alot of cosplayer today, but.. some image really spoiled me.. uhh.. we'll try to snap more quality image after this..

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Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 – Day 1

The event was held at Exhibition hall but i guess i can enter from the big door on the east of exhibition hall… i neeed to enter from the PWTC below Dewan Merdeka. By the way, the concert was superb, and the last moment when they shouting and enjoying the concert. Not much image i get since i was away from the AFA event due to some commitment. But really, really seek what happen on second day.

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By bus or flight? Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

Most people from Kuala Lumpur go to Johor Bahru by own transport or most popular among student; bus. Some of them using train to there and mostly the transport are used are on the ground, by sea… I not have experience yet. But how about went to Johor Bahru by using flight?

That way I have used twice and quite nice, fast, relax and no traffic jam. For test it, I have started at KL Sentral, like Puduraya, that place are easy to access and most time I go to Kuala Lumpur, I will go there for changing commuter or for lunch.

Others strong reason is, I used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight on 5:20pm for this travel and going to KLIA using KLIA Express. Their station are inside KL Sentral and to get more easier, they also provide MAS check in counter for departure purpose before board the train. This time I started by check in at KL Sentral and go to KLIA using that train. Boarding at KL Sentral should be done by 2 hours before departure time on flight ticket.

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