Nyan Koi! (TV) – EP 12, final episode: Will Heaven Wait?

Finally after not writing preview for a week, lately I’m become so lazy, tired after driving thousand of kilometer during family vacation. I have skipped a few episodes and directly jump into final episode. They aired last week and I only write up this after a week this story on aired… how lazy I am… OMG hahaha~.

This final episode is about Junpei getting infected by cursed seriously by get a pair of nekomimi or cat ears. Those ears appear in previous episode… huh, I’m in lazy mood. Haha, and getting worse due his allergy to cat. That twin detected Junpei still inside post office and find that he in restroom in weak body. They detect Junpei location by GPS, thanks to Kotone where secretly set up GPS equipment at Junpei Shoes.

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 8 – The Blazing Private Lesson Runner

Another random cat, Micchi, came to Junpei house with Kotone and Akari in the same time both twin are meet the Junpei parent. For this time, that cat request how to catch the sparrow. Just that problem? So better ask Tama how about that because this is cat affair that not well known by human. But as duty of cursed man, in any way he must help Micchi. Oh what the barrier to that cat is, Micchi is fat cat where low in stamina. So for catching the sparrow are pretty impossible with his body right now.

what the hell are you doing, bastard!!

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 7 – Wait Until It’s Getting Dark

School Trip seems like enjoyable, but for Junpei even relaxation time it not excluded from his task where come about by the curse. For this time he went to Kyoto under the school trip. Deliver the cat in the luggage from home and preserve it from knowing by others are first task in beginning. Look like it near exposed by the post-woman where saw the luggage moving and meow…

Mission 1: Look at the left, bring up this furry black grey thing named Masa to Kyoto!! Don’t worry; we add more luggages, more heavy, more burdens and more problems to you.

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 6 – Milk & Bitter & Sugar & Spice

For this episode, Junpei was meeting up with twin tail girl, Akari that is underclassmen who are daughter to the monk. That twin tail girls also have a sister, Kotone and both of them are twin. During the crush, Kaede also being there and hear they talking about Neko-Jizo.

Kotone seems to be the more mature one of the pair, but she actually had kept a fantasy diary on Junpei before and had stalked him daily. Kotone was first seen when she gave Junpei a love letter, while he mistook her for her twin Akari. About the curse, Akari can see the spirit and knows Junpei was cursed at her first seen of him. They are known and not be worried for the reason that they have spell to engage it other but strong enough to defend others.

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 5 – Times Square…

lover-lover drink >_<
Jumpei was invited by Nagi to amusement park where that place is under Ichinose family business. Nagi passed the ticket to Junpei and Kaede, and another unwanted person named Kanako. The main idea is to bring up this couple for dating with all strategy are already plan with those yakuza that handle that amusement park. With Kanako that being there, it will be little problem to make Junpei and Kaede together but still alright.

all workers insiede is yakuza group, very good camouflages, nobody notice that

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 4 – A Beautiful Person

Early morning as usual at class, putting the book under the table and… something below there, there is letter that fairytale and feminine style, it is love letter!, opened it in the toilet and read the content, so this letter is from… Ichinose Nagi?

Forget it… Just throw and pump that thing into toilet bowl

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 3 – What Is Your Name?

This is wrong direction, Chizuru!

Episode 3 is about post man… no, it’s Mochizuki Chizuru, part time mail women that in the same time is college student. She is bad in sense of direction and end by lost as a result… also pedophile. So Junpei was asked by Chizuru to help her for deliver the letter, yeah, man heart will easily dilute by any girl request. But thanks to Nyamsus and the gang, he not just helped that women, but also be request with many cat along their way.

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 2 – That Man is a Slave?

This episode – about mamba girl, Sumiyoshi Kanako, where is Junpei’s childhood. In order from the cat named Panda, that wishes to say “Thank you very much. I love you” to the woman who always take care it, during explaination by Panda, Junpei realize that he was in the big trouble where women that referred by that cat is that mamba girl.

what the… weirdo way to deliver message

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Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 1 – The Ugly Cat and the Cursed Highschooler

In this episode, Jumpei is already cursed and able to understand what cat talking about. Early morning he was disturbed by Nyamsus, his family cat where wake him from good dream also have breakfast too with his cat lover family. His family makes fun of Junpei’s allergy during breakfast with Nyamsus.

Junpei family with their cat. His sister remind me to Ayumu Nishizawa from Hayate no Gotoku

There have some flash back where show how Junpei hit the empty can and hit the statue Neko-Jizo (guardian deity of cats). After that incident he can communicate with cat around them. To further her knowledge about the statue and not telling about his curse by broken it, he meet Keizou Kirishima, Buddhist monk in the temple where in the cat deity dwells for further information (quite long information until evening) During explanations by the monk, Jumpei meet with Nyamsus that want to meet others cat in that template, Tama. They also explain the implication and effect of cursed to Jumpei and telling that he must fulfill 100 wishes from cats. If not, he will turn to cat by himself. Hearing about that, he will imagine how he transforms into cat and die by his allergy.

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Nyan Koi! (TV) – Cat cursed on cat allergy man…

This anime are release in fall 2009, director by Keiichiro Kawaguchi (seems like I have hear this name before) with Anime International Company (AIC) studio and still broadcast in Japan. I have watched a few of them and fall into it… of course because I’m also cat’s lover Continue reading