Wearing a 'Talisman'.. to enhance yuri power

Yuru Yuri Season 2 Episode 07 – Yuri, pervert sister

I just feel curious about Akarin sister, Akane. In first sight, I just can say that she might look like a normal and elegant girl but… She have very deep feeling towards Akarin! yeah because I’m not getting spoiled from any manga content and others friend and that is the reason that making my adrenaline increased (the heck I’m typing!). If i’m being as her, I’ll express all my fetishness just within my room, not the living room… too dangerous and high risk to get ambush from the dearest.

While she out, I'll do some cleaning...

While she out, I’ll do some cleaning…

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5 nah.. let's the heat beat up then take a bath

Yuru Yuri Season 2 – Episode 5 – Feel hot, and internally feel hot

during hot day, what we do to cooling down your body temperature? having bath combined with cool air from air conditioner is a good thing to have but… if air conditioner can’t serve you cool air (under several circumstance), what will you do? Kyouko got 4 points for this solution

..err, crap!

..err, crap!

one does not simply, turn on without battery

One does not simply, turn on air conditioner using remote without battery

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Chocolate... This is how Akaza showing her love to Akarin

Yuru Yuri Second Season – Chocolate Maniac

Akarin left alone
Finally Akarin upgraded to next level of attention from this series producer lol~ BTW chocolate is one of my favourite snack to eat and I’m drooling myself along this episode running from the beginning.. all about food, and it’s delicious, especially when her big sister treat her something that I can say… gigantic! I can hear mini concert sound blast out from my stomach in middle of 3 am during watching this.

Doki doki... yes no yes no
Kyouko sleeping balloon..
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Yuru Yuri 2nd Season – Episode 1 – Hey, Akarin is back, and she is visible

ImgAkarin.Visible = True

and.. ehh?? le fuu!! she is visible now!!!

Okay im in pending when she became a center of everything… like kyouko. My memory can’t compute.. how come the most being-ignored girl have being payed so much attention… Continue reading

Yuru Yuri 2nd Season – Really Looking Forward For This Yuri Epicenter

Owh yea.. just realize the Yuru Yuri 2nd Season will be start next monday… doki doki ne~ I wasn”t want to put the high expectation for this new series but damn really need yuri injection.. ahahaha this series is one of the best comedy-yuri ever!!
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Upotte (TV) – 06 – Good Bye Kiss

Anyone here want to grab this white rabbit?

The yuri bind the Sako and FNC together before farewell and heat up the camp, maybe the Sako want to release up the feeling to this white rabbit after she can only see the FNC from far behind because FNC previously is her opponent. This time she utilize fully the opportunity and grab that rabbit

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Upotte (TV) – 05 – What kind of liquid was there?

I watched this anime near one week late, and was in early morning after very long sleep from last night… and then I stunned when see a very familiar liquid on Sako RK95’s hand after mumbling something about FNC… Am I experiencing bad eyesight for today after dozen of hours of sleep?

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Yuru Yuri Episode 8 – Tsundere Drooling Twin

Kyouko is tried to cheer up the serious-face Chitose in library after she predicted Chitose have fight with Ayano the Yuri Kaichou. With her cheerful method, Kyouko perform so moe posing but later ignored by Chitose. Then after doing for several trials to Chitose, another Chitose appear with Ayano.

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Morita-san wa Mukuchi Episode 7 – Yuru Yuri’s Yuri Infection

Morita Mayu was approached by her close classmate, Miki, to push out her feeling about one sempai she crushes on. Mayu just hear and acknowledge her understanding and the rest of Mayu‘s best friends see through window the reality of the sempai that Miki shouting about…

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Yuru Yuri Episode 7 – Christmas Dating X New Year Card

The unofficial leader, Kyouko proposed an idea to date at Christmas holiday. The yuri ray level from Kyouko raisen to over mega microsieven affected the kaichou and fellow friend to date with same gender. What a nice environment of bi… on the shop.

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