Good Job Club (GJ-bu) – Kirara Bernstein… is she (possibility) my new crush after Konoe Subaru?

quote from one of our philosopher:

watchout for the cat!!..XD Kyou Oozora …Good Job Club


haha personally I’m a cat lover, also looking forward for any cat-girl (fox, wolf, rabbit, dog, etc…. also welcomed). Before I watch this series my friend was give a ‘warning’ to me lol… you could hooked to this series! GJ-bu is one of new anime series for this winter 2013 season that featured cat-ears hairstyle… Cuticle Detective Inaba also have one too but male (but he looks cute too~)

short brief, GJ-bu is about unidentified club situated at certain school… and only one boy was in there, the rest is girl… this is harem set desu~ for me this series remind me to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Amatsuka Mao with the biting the Shinomiya Kyouya, Sumeragi Shion with her level of chess game genius, Amatsuka Megumi more into elegant-like girl and Shinomiya Kyouya with his innocent, later was given new nickname by Megumi: Kyouro.

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I like this Yukikaze posing with watermelon

Dog Days Season 2 Episode 4 – Biscotti Summer Camp

Biscotti Summer Camp lead by Yukikaze next to river, they need to train for improving new skills also having some fun, for me, much fun!! as high fetish to kemonomimi (animal ears attached, cat ears, fox ear, dog, squirrel, etc…) also shippo (animal tail), I just holding myself from smashing my keyboard during watching all those moe girl changing to bikini during leisure time…

Cinque sparkling.. during camp

Cinque sparkling.. during camp

Eclair start to undress

Eclair start to undress

NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
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Dog Days II – 01 – The Dog Princess is Back for More Mimi & Shippo Adventure!

Season II:

Three months after his adventure in Flonyard, Shinku gets summoned back once again, this time bringing Rebecca with him. His cousin and rival athlete Nanami, also is summoned to Flonyard as Galette’s Hero. The First Princess of the Principality of Pastillage, Princess Couvre, leads her squirrel-like faction into the battlefield as well with the intention of scouting Rebecca to become their hero.

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead – 00 – Neko all the way!!

Okay talk about this episode’s attraction level, 1st point = bikini/swimming suit, second point = boobs, third point… err change. This is my first point why I like this episode; nekomimi!!

These 2 girls are enough to divert my eyesight just to see the nekomimi and neko tail, I can’t off from seeing them… even there is bikini, boobs, and all other stuff over there. Yeah, 2 cats became a friends.

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Ron x Junky – Sweet Magic – the dance

any cat ears and tail stuff will be my first target to watch.. lol, i love them

this moe song have been on internet since last March and look like some people have infected by ‘magic’ after eating the cake and then they start dancing. even non-Japanese also get cursed and do the dance. The style seems similar each other since the same symptom was shown among dancer…

the song that create by Junky and song by well known NicoNicoDouga singer, Ron. By the way, the song is nice, cute and moe enough to move my heart to start changing my smartphone ringtone

then original video posted on

then awesome dance…

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Mayo Chiki! – Nekomimi Butler in Blushy and Tsundere Mode

Crossdresser butler, Konoe Subaru now in Mayo Chiki! episode 4 are forced into nekomimi cosplay by Lord of the Kanade, sending her to Sakamachi residence door during Kinjirou’s golden week celebration with his instant noodle cup. Seems like the smell of love is on the Kinjirou’s towel and she try to make efforts to clean it up by sniffing… err… not the nose, …washer machine, arghh… but currently the box of laundry soap is on Kinjirou’s nose thanks to sharp target Subaru shot.

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