When the exam is end

This is very first time I posting here since last August after KONMAS event. On that time I was busying with all hell assignment, quiz and test by 7 subject that make total of my credit hours going from 15 to 21 hours. That’s not make any different to me actually but some of my friends know it by watching my work was double from my others housemate. The situation resulting me to not have any good time in hanging around and get enjoy just little bit and a lot of my free time ended by sleeping to recover my exhausting body.

Last final examination for last semester was ended, and hopefully I can continue my study to degree level without extends another semester. It will be nightmare if that happen to me. So pray to god for me to getting pass of examination result.

Daily activities after final examination jus as usual, make a marathon of my anime also have a new project. For this time I have convert and make proper Neko Anime Database and get it online. Another one is to make a notes and manual for multimedia subject lecture slide where will be used next year. The dead line is quite far, about June 2011 but need to start moving now to prevent domino effect.

So I will active back in writing here and willing to able to frequently updating things here.


One comment on “When the exam is end

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