Yuru Yuri Episode 8 – Tsundere Drooling Twin

Kyouko is tried to cheer up the serious-face Chitose in library after she predicted Chitose have fight with Ayano the Yuri Kaichou. With her cheerful method, Kyouko perform so moe posing but later ignored by Chitose. Then after doing for several trials to Chitose, another Chitose appear with Ayano.

Chitose twin, Chizuru still stay tsundere to Kyouko after what happen at library before but those doesn’t apply to Yui even she also was there with Kyouko during moe harassment attack by Kyouko to Chizuru. Even that, she has similar ability like Chitoso which is off-glasses imagination extra with drooling.

The power of tsundere.

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