Binbougami ga! – 01 – Oppai Vs. Pettanko Battle Royale!

Not really the title screen but… *nosebleed >w<

Sakura is the idol at her school. Everything she do is perfect. There is a dark secret behind all these – She has an unusual high amount of ‘happiness energy’ that will even absorb others around her, & to add more to it; she actually has a very twisted personality!! She acts selfishly and believes everything is there only for her own happiness. Somehow she had absorbed so much “happiness energy” that she has caused an energy imbalance in the world.
To set things straight and maintain the balance of happiness among humans, is Binbougami – the god of poverty to tackle Sakura and to steal her happiness.  Momiji is the binbougami tasked to deal with Sakura. The starts of this interesting series with hilarious comedy fighting & even parody!

Main Characters:

 Sakura Ichiko…. yup, she is stacked indeed

Momiji  Binboda.. What with the needle? *sweating (;´Д`A

Others will be added later m(-.-)m

Screen caps spam of the first episode:

hahaha >o<!! Nice reply to your boss~

Sakura lol-ing to others that envious of her

Did I just see Medaka?

Epic first meeting

Puppy eyes beaaaaaammm~!!!


Did I just see some bubbles coming out from there?

I see, even the device is binbou~

Should get the see through version like in Korezon

Did I just saw two Saiyan-jin?

What would happen when the ‘happiness energy’ is taken

the ‘real nice’ guy is a bit…

Even the dog… lol >o<!!

Boing boing attack~!!

 The nurse is cute but the needle is a bit.. *run away

I bet no one want to get sick if all nurse like her

What a nice friendshipI take back what I just said

Haha.. can’t stop laughing at the forcing to eat veggie & the kuma fight part >o<!!

Do tell me Doraemon crossed your mind just now~
Loli Sakura is FTW!!

Ouch >w<!!

Will this be the end of Sakura?

Finally… she is going be ‘normal’ back

What the….

Okay, I take back my words…

Hahaha… The Binbougami is mad~

Our binbougami just spilled the beans…

Sakura  & her epic heroic moment!!

*Bang.. she broke the container
Did I just saw a ‘fortune’ symbol over there?


after epic clovers before

after… Did I just saw that old man dancing a certain country dance moves?

Hang in there Suwano-san~!! 

The time to let him go… TwT

Bye-bye Suwano-san

epic parting…

The truth behind the sudden decision

1 week later…

haha… ROFL!!!>o<!!!

Such a nice friendship indeed

Again.. the truth

Epic ‘No’

Yup… she is one indeed

haiyai!! (Too quick!!)

Apparently she is holding like a cameo for her own self…

See you next time one the next episode; Bulma, The Banboo Sword, and The Perverted Priest.

p/s: also late review… gomen.. will try to do even better next time >w<!!

Reviewed by: Cruzz Sensei


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