Dating with androphobia – Working!! (TV) – 12

In this episode, Takanashi have prepared himself to the “final battle” called date with Inami. Well Inami still in androphobia mode even frequently back from work together with Takanashi. In the same time, Souma and Yamada were planning to get Takanashi into crossdressing. There is no any objection from his sempai, Taneshima since she also adorable to Takanashi’s crossdressing but Satou assume Souma as an evil mastermind and he must responsible to what he done.

In Takanashi’s current outfit, Inami was able to get closer to Takanashi but still working hard to hold Takanashi hand and fight to her androphobia. Others side, Takanashi was one step ahead with his view to Inami.

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