Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 01… Kyaaaaaaa~

no.. no.. suppose to be this story is about the battle between human and devil… which actually this guy came to this castle and need to kill the demon…

1. that demon is girl? (maybe still can be accepted)

2. that chest assets? thats wowoooow to a virgins

3. welcoming the hero? … okay.jpg that’s weird for devil do

4. economy issue?… eh?

5. actually I watched this at early of morning, 3 am something and guess what? I have no idea why along this series I sensed Horo was there… maybe my migraine didn’t end yet but….


kyaaaa~ Ami Koshimizu… ‘Horo’ or ‘Holo’? maybe sound like I’m fail in this.. please someone can give me the correct one to spell it… haha

and that male portagonist, ‘Yuusha’ is the same seiyuu, Jun Fukuyama for ‘Dark Flame Master’… err… ‘Yuuta’ from ‘Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!’

6. about Spice and Wolf.. maybe this series has similarities about the scenery, art, and music scheme also quite similar

Yuuta X Horo

not only the Yuuta and Horo seiyuu were here, Inaba seiyuu (Miyuki Sawashiro) also here, in this series… oh god, i got eargasm >_<

since when im looking forward for seiyuu? err.. urmm… arghh!!! to be continue

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