Yuru Yuri Season 2 (TV) – Episode 2 – Flying-mosaic-censored and cute snake

Anyone like snake here? This reptile sneak out into the student council room maybe for getting more warm place for hibernation… but i dunno that Ayano are really bad with snake since she look like strong girl.. uhh maybe it just my perception.

But he (I guess lol) look very cute… sssss~

I really like the Ayano face when she start trembling or get scared by something… kyaaa~

– assumption – hahahahaa I got the snake, problem solved…

Just imagine if Kyouko is really a hero and didn’t afraid to snake… and the imagination was driven off by Chitose itself…

Blood +

Today I realised that using the broom to get the snake is a very brilliant idea, he’ll convolute to the broom stick and… ja jaaan~ u got the snake!

floor facepalm…

Chitose still didn’t wear the glasses… and still bleeding~

vase facepalm… err it looks hurt, and can double the moron level…

(…continue) after Kyouko catch that damn snake..

yatta!! and uhhhh~

Oh god, that wild girl have stop her wild imagination here… argh, I want more bloody imagination!

She cam at the right place in the perfevt moment I guess,




Suddently wild mosaic-censored shit appear

But I can confirm to you that, this creature is not a snake.. and he (what the, okok just call it “He #2”, snake He #1) make a very smooth landing


loading… loading…

loading… loading… YATTA!!!

Y U NO start that wild imagination?

I stunned when saw this screenshot especially about this view of Akarin… She is visible but this hidden face doesn’t noticed by me when watching her dodged the He #2 a.k.a. the flying-mosaic-censored… So I accept the Algebra Theory in the rule number 327 where said that “Akarin is invisible.. in some part”.. This is the key why she failed to make poker-face during playing ‘poker-face card game’

Unfortunately I can’t show the Kyouko’s hidden face during flying-mosaic-censored due to some maturity reason… because the screenshot look like Kyouko doing something lewd with that flying-mosaic-censored.. lol

To put into the conclusion, most of audiences agree that the flying-mosaic-censored are came from Blattodea species… I believe you’re adoring and love to this cute flying animal.


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