Yuru Yuri 2nd Season – Episode 1 – Hey, Akarin is back, and she is visible

ImgAkarin.Visible = True

and.. ehh?? le fuu!! she is visible now!!!

Okay im in pending when she became a center of everything… like kyouko. My memory can’t compute.. how come the most being-ignored girl have being payed so much attention… and here we go to see how the fountain liquid was made

but at least, they have artifical fountain back there, warming up the bloody hell weird morning

eating cake, Akarin style, anybody here dare to acept the challange? don’t ask me, I’ll pass after 3 slice

grengg.. grengg…

grengg.. grengg…ooooololololol



laa…laaaaaaa laaaa laalaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

okay time to adjust the bullet

hair scumbag.. hair no bakemonogatari

the moment i saw your back, i feel likeee…

feel likeee…. errr…


deja vu

… facepalm

watch for 24 minutes….


aarghh, I want more!!! can’t wait until next week!!


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