Japan Culture Night 2012

Right after Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 (AFAMY) ended, there was another special event held by Danny Choo; Japan Culture Night (JCN). The event itself  is like the after party for AFAMY where fans & followers of Danny Choo gathered to talk to each other, socialize, and make new connection.

JCN was held on Monday; 11.06.2012 from 5 p.m. till 10.30 p.m. ++ at Pavilion, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The entrance fee for the event was RM 30. As stated by Danny; the fees are for foods, drinks & for him not to get his body cut by the Pavilion’s people.

Taka & Cruzz Sensei were the only two that able to go because Kyou are stuck with his arubaito at home….
*wish you were there also Kyou-chan… met so many people over there ヽ(*´∀`)人(´∀`*)ノ

We both reached Pavilion around 8.00p.m++ yeah, we both planned to be late from the start…

Just as keikaku huh Taka-san?

Pictures of the event:

If you noticed, the old man in front is actually Danny’s father; Jimmy Choo

Fans are able to talk & interact with Danny Choo in person! *kyaaa~ fangirls scream…

As we entered the place, we started off by assembling Taka-san’s Sonico & Claris. When people see Sonico they started to take picture & thus make me having a cold sweat while assembling Claris. *I don’t know why though… maybe I’m just being shy >///<

Still don’t know what to do; we both started taking pictures of the Dangerous Daughter (DD) & some figures,  figmas & Nendos.

Sonico! You are guilty for being too sexy!

Azu-nyan caught in the act!

Strangely,  everyone seem to be friendly & easy to talk to. We managed to chat with someone who loves DD so much that he still sad of having to sell his previous DD in order to buy a new DD,  figures collectors, and many more. We enjoyed talking about anime, figures, DD, & many more related issues. Here are some cards that we managed to get from them….

By the end of the event, we both managed to snap some pictures with Danny Choo & get his autograph.

Before the event ended, Danny gave a talk about criteria for people that wanted to work with him & some more.

I’m still wondering what he was looking at…




Pictures by: Taka & Cruzz Sensei

Reviewed by: Cruzz Sensei~


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