Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead – 00 – Neko all the way!!

Okay talk about this episode’s attraction level, 1st point = bikini/swimming suit, second point = boobs, third point… err change. This is my first point why I like this episode; nekomimi!!

These 2 girls are enough to divert my eyesight just to see the nekomimi and neko tail, I can’t off from seeing them… even there is bikini, boobs, and all other stuff over there. Yeah, 2 cats became a friends.

Epic birthday party is epic, from the ‘suprise’ element seems addressed to the guess, not the birthday person. The moment where they all want Eu decide which prize do she like most and I’m still clueless about what she choose, do Eu like that ‘stuff’?


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