Mayo Chiki! Episode 11 – White Wine and *hic*

Kinjirou and Konoe was having lunch that made by Master Kanade. Surprisingly even Kanade was came from rich family and have own private butler, she can manage the food and cook it very well. Kinjirou was pleasured with the taste of what we can consider as home-made food.

Previously butler must have to serve her master but this time, Subaru was served by her own Ojousama, Kanade. She becomes more pleasured than Kinjirou, yeah that’s very rare to happen in maid-butler-master world concept. Later Subaru become hotter and finally drunk with the ultra rare service. Thanks to Kanade, she just dropping some white wine inside the food then manipulates Subaru to licking Kinjirou.

Saaa… dunno if the white wine before this can cause hiccup but it’s really happen, the only weakness of elegant Kanade is… hiccup with cute *hic*? Crap you stated that’s kawaii thing as a weakness? Uhh you’re very damn lucky loaded girl because that sound can become bless and charm to otaku around the world, even her own butler will lose control just by hearing those cute *hic* sound.



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