Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 08 – Minami and Language Barrier

Flashbang… Flashback – The early year after she transfer from German into Japan, even with her mother tongue cannot let her to speak even understand Japanese well and causing trouble in the beginning of class. Being as foreigner is hard especially she need to understand what she will or want to say. The problem is as expected from baka-class, they didn’t fluent in English well and Minami expected when she speak in English a little, they can understand what she want. But she can detect the phrase ‘flat-chest’ even in the situation where she lost in her mind’s translation chaos, mean she is aware about sensitive word that applied well to her.

The self introduction speech done by 4 idiot, the form of 3 Male and 1 Hideyoshi…

flat chested – shhh!! slow down your voice or… err..

Translating the ‘Da Vince Code’ phrase.

Her movement here really catchy my eyesight.. moe!

But at the end of introduction session in the first day, even she is first time being in that class; she automatically just simply put the Hideyoshi as ‘girl’ who didn’t use skirt instead she wearing men uniform along the class.

The denial publicly issue even Hideyoshi going to toilet


Watashi ha man you ha?


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