Mayo Chiki! Episode 8 – Subaru – Confidence in Motion

Relationship between Kinjirou and Subaru became closer and closer to her future father-in-law, Konoe Nagare. They become blush together, lying together, bath together and being kicked by Subaru together with Nagare.

Shining Star

Summer festival is hot with bonfire, way of clothing, tsundere and fun itself, even at the graveyard when they two are alone, getting hotter until Kinjirou gynophobia is turn on.

Mirai-chan from Danny Choo

It’s possible but rarely to hear people get drunk just by carbonate drink. Awesome, but the rampage she causes is worse than alcohol drunk effect.

Megane as hostage

Later Subaru make a first move to start liking Kinjiru, and as title above, she became more conficent to express her true feeling and want to be more than just a best friend.

another innnovation by Subaru after gaining the confidence…

Yeah, it’s Subaru!


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