Copihan (ONA) – Moe Side Ponytail Baseball Player

The anime set on year 2034… Around 23 years after this post was made.

Collaboration of Gonzo Animation and Hatsune Miku designer KEI, Copihan is in comedy, school and sci-fi genre. I really expect the duration will be last longer but they only make it in 5 minutes only… not really but it’s quite fun starting story and it could be great if they can give extra at least 15-24 minutes.

When they stated the Miku designer was involved in, my mind automatically triggered to find the similarities of the blue striped at edge of sailor-uniform and these two blonde kids. The side ponytail and aqua-blue-white stripped pantsu is excluded in this equation… or this all is just my bad sense of imagination taste. I’ll waiting for next release to be clear what this series about.

But really, Yuzuki Tsugayama is really eye-catchy to me since I badly love any ponytail hairstyle…


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