Yuru Yuri Comiket… Nishikyogoku Ramuko-san?

Drastically Kyouko invited the Ayano to wait at the middle of night at the station, the burning Ayano feeling told she will be alone and can be something hot training this night with Kyouko… and…

Saaaa… welcome to Tokyo! To be more specific, Comiket. Well known, Kyouko is a doujinshi and run her doujin manga and have a fellow fan, even have their own character’s cosplay set. But unfortunately Chinatsu wasn’t there for cosplay ‘Miraku-run’ because Kyouko feel bad to invite her into this harsh place. So she cosplay herself even Kyouko has blonde hair. Right? Nishikyogoku Ramuko-san?

The souvenirs from Comiket to bring back home, tonight! Ayano really feel her nerve was snap by hearing that.

When you away from others friend and family, sitting alone with single friend might cause a hazardous effect till you turn to tears…

Why this must be blue sky!!


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