Yuru Yuri episode 4 – If (~answer here~), then (~answer here~)

Yuru Yuri episode 4 give the ultimate scene of summer beach with sparkly fan service and pleasurable yuri imagination powered by 4 eyes species called Ikeda Chitose. Thanks to her the series will become more yuri and hot with visual of yuri’s fantasy couple Kyouko and Ayano.

If (~answer here~), then (~answer here~):

A. IF you lost in exam result battle with someone, THEN your friend will kiss you until you wake up from your dream.

B. IF you carve your wish harshly, THEN just hang it on tree rather than imagine and wetting yourself about it.

C. IF you think your sempai is cool, THEN please get your sempai to fulfil your lust desire.

D. IF you study hard to beat your rival, THEN please be update with your rival, shit will happen.

E. IF you feel hot, THEN strip your clothes.

F. IF you think your suit is the best, THEN let’s underss your suit.

G. IF you give the half eaten melon to others same gender, THEN be consider somebody beside you maybe have melon juice that dripping trough nose.

H. IF you think you are expert in firework, THEN how about make a confess just using firework.

I. IF you protecting someone, THEN please make full body protection

J. IF you say “one more time”, THEN your partner will reply “you’re too forceful”.

K. IF you announce loudly that you did not wearing any underwear, THEN actually you have already drive your friend’s soul straight to heaven.

End If


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