Mayo Chiki episode 3 – Of course, on the bed… but, where is the bikini?

After previously ‘crossdressing himself’ into girly outfit , this time Subaru invited to double dating which she this time will be paired to Kinjirou’s little sister, Sakamachi Kureha. She has been manipulated by Kanade to make Kureha start to liking Subaru. And because of that, to make Subaru act as boy butler, she just wearing short sleeve hoodie with boxer… arghh… I badly expect and want to see her in lovely separated bikini.

In the passion to be a butler, Subaru also has to overcome the phobia… which come when she and Kanade kidnapped on time ago in the same place where they going enjoy and dating now.

Kinjirou maybe have been face to face to future father-in-law… but in the pain way


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