Mayo Chiki! – When Butler Eventually Turn Into More Moe and Sexy

When butler will be relate to men and maid to woman, Konoe Subaru make it reverse by served as butler to Suzutsuki Kanade. Visually she is in man-butler outfit that we accept as nothing wrong with to look but as it going far into school, the hairstyle, somewhat feminine, a lot of thing pop-up in mind in dirty way and… saaaa… we need to realize that, he is girl!

As early in Mayo Chiki! Episode 2 is packed with the cute and moe part of girl side of Subaru… I’m amazed how all student in that school can’t see ‘he’ as ordinary healthy girl… or they didn’t get spoiler by description of the story as we get before watching this series

Ok.. ok… the first sight of Subaru then getting more girly, more moe, and more… nosebleed

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