The making of promotion video – Mayoi Neko Overrun! (TV) – 06

To make a club popular and well known, one of the way is make a promotion video club. Today, most clubs have their own promotion video like club in university, community and whatever place. They presented it in certain event or directly uploaded it in internet like youtube and so on. If they want to introduce well and want to have presentable club introduction, they may use it as method. In this episode, four-eyes Kikuchi Ieyasu using his ‘professional’ skill to make a promotion video of Stray Cats Associates Club and sponsored by Umenomori Chise. He seems like manipulate Chise to follow his instruction… for example, after evacuate all people in akihabara in 2km radius, Ieyasu want to Chise demolished Umenomori skyscraper where 1 meter higher than Dubai skyscraper.

The good news is, she did it!


…and then go around the world to filming the promotion video and also change the original visited landscape to make it suit to Ieyasu imagination…

autumn season in rainforest

snow wonderland in dry hot desert

unknown site

craziest, standing on the top of Everest just in school uniform

At the end of film shooting and render it in computer, he preview the video to club member. As appreciate from others member by his hardworking making this awesome video…


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