Collector Rumbling Dillema – when it reach its capacity to store

That’s a long day of cataloging back my anime collection in digital form, taking from end of my final exam last month until today. Until this time, I don’t realize is my hard disc is free to place all my collection. Since I currently only have 1 TB external hard disc, so I assumed all my collection are suit to place it all. But…

after collecting anime for straight 3 year…

Before this, my anime are placed in this 1TB and mixed with my backup file and others stuff like movie and drama. I have mentioned by someone who borrow this hard disc to start invest for new 1 or 2 TB hard disc to be a serious collector but I take it as jokes… do not expect it will full this June. Before this, I have predicted by calculation this 1TB will fully with anime next year.

Burn it into DVD? It take a lot of time, my room shelf right now are fully with book and store box.

Right now after moving all my stuff except my anime to others hard disc, I have balance around 500GB free space just for anime. Last 2 month I have received around 600GB anime and now half of them still in my internal laptop hard disc. That’s a big hit to my space and my pocket which are not too deep to buy another one.

Currently I have stop collecting my anime stuff from others member unless from internet. Also my catalog program is pending status right now, balance around 100 GB something. Now I have around 2.4 TB storage capacity but all of them are reaching the limit. That’s no problem to exceed the limit like fill it exact 10GB/10GB capacity but it’s harmful to my hardware.

Just stay and wait my budget from my study loan next month…


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